Register your UDI-DI devices in EUDAMED using machine to machine M2M

Register your UDI-DI devices using REST or Soap Web Service interface

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Ademico provides a secure and robust M2M communication capability and allows Innovit and its customers to seamlessly connect to EUDAMED. With Ademico Innovit and its customers can submit UDI-DI records instantly and integration was minimal thanks to their Web Services. Ademico has helped Innovit and its customers at every step as EUDAMED evolves.

Stuart Dyer
IT Infrastructure & Security Manager

It’s been a game changer for our business in terms of streamlining our entire process. It saved us so much time not having to manually register our UDI-DIs.

Justin R.
Business Analyst

Ademico Software Team installed Domibus Access Point on our IT infrastructure. They performed all the configuration, including the PKI certificates and the connection with EUDAMED.

John B.
Software Architect

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How it works


Get your Domibus Access Point connected to EUDAMED via machine to machine M2M

Connect to our SaaS Domibus Access Point from our cloud or we install Domibus Access Point on your server


Onboard in EUDAMED using machine to machine M2M

We help you at each step with the EUDAMED onboarding


Integrate your backend application with Domibus API: REST, Soap Web Service or custom interface


Register your UDI-DI devices in EUDAMED

Why working with us

  • Support ensured by developers

Most of the issues are solved within hours.

  • eDelivery AS4 experts

We are specialized in eDelivery AS4 services with Domibus Access Point.
We always try to improve our services based on your feedback.

  • EUDAMED experts

Our team members have experience integrating EUDAMED with the Domibus Access Point.

This means that we can best support you, weather it is about Domibus architecture, developing custom plugins, how to best operate and configure Domibus in a Production environment.

  • Open source solution

We use Domibus Access Point, an open source software actively developed and maintained by the European Commission.

Domibus is also used by the EUDAMED team to receive your data. This means that you will never encounter an incompatibility issue.

EUDAMED Machine to Machine M2M
Cloud Plans

Free trial 14 days


  • 100 UDI-DI
  • EUDAMED Playground
  • Data hosted in EU in AWS
  • API integration: REST or Soap Web Service

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  • 750+ UDI-DI
  • Unlimited device updates
  • EUDAMED Acceptance/Production
  • Data hosted in EU in AWS
  • 99.9% availability
  • API integration: REST, Soap Web Service or custom interface
  • Prority support, maintenance and monitoring included
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • 1-on-1 onboarding

Do you have questions regarding our plan or you need a custom quotation? Contact us here.

EUDAMED Machine to Machine M2M installed on your servers

  • We install a Domibus Access Point on your servers on TEST and PROD environments
  • You have complete control on your environment and your data
  • Installation on Tomcat server connected to MySQL or Oracle database
  • Installation in High Availability(HA) mode
  • We help you to implement industry best practices to secure the environment
  • Support and maintenance included