Main Questions

What is Domibus?

Domibus is an open-source eDelivery AS4 Access Point conformant implementation provided by the European Commission. Therefore Domibus is free to use and there are no additional costs related to the licensing of the application itself.

Domibus has a plugin oriented architecture offering a flexible and fast way of integrating with any backend. Advanced features like multitenancy, monitoring, audit and alerts are already supported. It can be deployed on Tomcat, WebLogic and WildFly and supports MySQL and Oracle. If you need support for other application servers or databases please contact us.

More information about Domibus can be found on the CEF Digital website.

How do I integrate my business application with Domibus Access Point?

Out of the box Domibus comes with three default plugins: WebService Plugin, JMS Plugin and FileSystem Plugin.

For simple uses cases the default plugins are enough, but most often it is required to write a custom plugin tailored specifically for integration with your business application.

How are the Domibus Access Points deployed in the cloud?

We use Domibus Access Points deployed in the Amazon AWS cloud in High Availability Mode(HA) mode.

We take advantage of the scalable, reliable, and secured global Amazon AWS infrastructure so that Domibus Access Points are always online and ready to exchange AS4 messages.

Other Questions

The Domibus source code is available on the European Commission eDelivery GIT repository.

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